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Freshly Prepared Kiddie hot lunch Delivered to Your Child Care Center

Eat Healthy, Live Healthy

The Second Chef

Your Source of Nutritious and Delicious Hot Lunch for Your Child

Having a busy schedule doesn’t mean you have to compromise your children’s healthy diet.
The Second Chef is leading choice of parents and childcares for hot, nutritious and healthy lunches.

About Us

We are a family-owned and family-operated business in Edmonton, Alberta that offers hot lunch packs for children. Our team is dedicated to providing the healthiest, most nutritious meals that both parents and kids love!

Why Order From Us


Our products have been reviewed by nutritionists so that your child receives hot lunch that are healthy and low in sugar.


All of our packs don’t contain nuts to prevent cross contamination in order to protect those with severe allergies.

Freshly Made

You can be sure that our hot lunch are always freshly made.

Safely Packed

Put your mind at ease because our nibbles are machine sealed for you and your child’s safety.

The Benefits of Eating Healthy

It goes without saying that eating healthy is fundamental to good overall well-being.

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Contact our team for more details on how you can place your order. We are more than happy to assist you!