The Second Chef will be meeting all Government of Alberta and Alberta Health guidelines and recommendations for the safe and healthy operation and environment. Our top priority has been and always will be safe service and safety of our clients and employees. All our employees have Alberta Food Handling certificate, which is renewed every year.

Safety First

The Second Chef will be meeting or exceeding all YMCA of Northern Alberta Covid-19 Guidelines and safety measurements.

Facility will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected (walls, floors, dishes, work surfaces, appliances, coolers, baskets and crates, shelves, hot food carriers, washrooms.)
- All vehicles will be detailed, and all hard surfaces disinfected.
- All staff will be informed about all guidelines and safety measurements prior to starting.
- Self Screening form will be provided to each member of staff (Alberta Health Daily Checklist)
- Covid-19 testing will be done if required before reopening.
- Staff will be trained on proper use of PPE and safety measurements/protocols.

Before each shift, every employee will have to perform Self Screening for Covid-19 symptoms and temperature check.
- Each member will be reminded about proper hand hygiene and safety protocols on daily basis.
- Staff will be provided with all necessary PPE (hand sanitizer, masks, gloves, gowns, face shields)

Upon entering the facility every employee must wash hands (hot water and soap), put on mask and gloves.
- Gloves and masks are mandatory. Employee must follow Alberta Health mask guidance.
- Hand sanitizer will be provided at the entrance to the facility and every employee will be provided with personal hand sanitizer (at least 60% alcohol content).
- Public and non-essential visitors will not be allowed in facility at all times.

Washrooms cleanings will be enhanced during the day.
- Surfaces at the front of the facility will be regularly disinfected.
- Common touch objects (doorknobs, doors, handles) will be frequently disinfected.
- Menu is laminated and disinfected after handling.
- Kitchen will be disinfected prior to being used and thoroughly cleaned after every shift.

All shopping will be done as soon as stores open, to minimize contact with public.
- One person will be allowed to use and operate vehicle for shopping purposes.
- Employee must follow all safety measurements when in public (sanitize hands, put gloves and mask on, social distancing).
- When returning with groceries, employee must inform staff so no one is present at receiving area.
- After unloading all groceries, employee must wash hands and put fresh gloves and disinfect hard
surface in vehicle.

Staff will be frequently reminded to follow proper hand hygiene and safety measurements.
- Physical distance will be practiced whenever possible.
- To prevent close contact and cross contamination there will not be any shared work surfaces in the kitchen.
- All surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected first thing in the morning and after completion of every task.
- After every task or uncontrolled action (face touching, leaving workstation, answering phone etc.),
employee has to wash hands with soap and hot water and put on fresh set of gloves.
- Masks are mandatory at all time inside the facility.
- Dishes are cleaned frequently, with hot water and soap, then sanitized at high temperature, air dried and safely stored.
- All food is properly labeled (date, type) and properly stored on designated shelves in walk-in cooler.
- Fresh produce is washed thoroughly before being handled.
- All food is cooked at appropriate temperature and properly stored.
- Food temperature is constantly checked and under control at all times and food temperature will be logged and provided to our customers on daily basis.
Walk-in cooler temperature is being checked 3 times during the shift (upon arrival, half day and
closing time) and logged.
- Coolers are being sanitized before being used all the time, and thoroughly washed and sanitized at
the end of the day.
- Single use containers must be thrown away after use.
- Hot food handlers are being sanitized before being used, and thoroughly washed and sanitized at
the end of the day.
- Eating in the kitchen is not allowed.
- All equipment used during the day must be washed and sanitized before and after use.
- Every employee will have access to one vehicle and will have to disinfect surfaces after each use.
Hand sanitizers, gloves and masks will be safely stored in each vehicle.
- Before entering vehicles, employee must use proper hand hygiene and safety measures.
- At the end of each day, all surfaces (walls, tables, shelves, doors, handles, floors, washrooms) are
thoroughly cleaned and disinfected and garbage is disposed.
- Daily cleaning checklist is used to log all activities.

Before entering facilities, delivery driver must follow all safety measurements (hand sanitizer, gloves, mask)
- Upon entering, temperature check will be done.
- When in the kitchen, employee must sanitize carts and all surfaces, discard gloves, wash hands with soap and water and put on fresh pair of gloves before handling any food.
- Proper food handling is practiced at all times.
- Employee should practice social distancing with everyone during their stay for the safety of both parties.
- Employee is not allowed to spend time in common areas (staff room) during the visit.

Employee with any symptoms of Covid-19 will be sent home to self isolate for 14 days and will need to test before returning to work.
- If any employee develops symptoms during their shift, they will leave immediately.
- All surfaces that may have come in contact with symptomatic employee will be immediately cleaned and disinfected.
- All staff will be familiar and follow rapid response plan.
- If there is positive Covid-19 test result, it will be reported to OHS and YMCA, internal investigation will be done and everyone on our team who came in close contact with employee will be sent to test immediately.